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Maximize ROI of Office 365

The efficiency transformation workshop is designed for the leadership team, board members, the top executives and business owners. Dr Nitin will demonstrate how to increase work efficiency across the organization and maximize Return on Investment. A large automobile manufacturer saved 35 minutes every day for every user as a resulting in a 300%+ ROI due to Dr. Nitin’s adoption program. Dr Nitin has conducted similar programs for 2000+ companies from SMEs to multi-national enterprises using his FacT methodology. It works across industries like banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, IT Services. In fact, it is industry agnostic and universally applicable.

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Eye opener - Magic Show

“Why did I not know this earlier? I could have achieved so much more.” – This is the commonest reaction by leaders.

Magic show – that is what customers call his sessions.
The best part is, he teaches you how to perform the magic. 

Eye opener – is the commonest feedback.

How it works?

  • This is a 2-hour workshop.
  • Dr. Nitin will highlight the reasons why organizations fail to get ROI and how to overcome those challenges.
  • He will also demonstrate powerful features which will increase operational efficiency instantly.
  • There are ample opportunities for discussion and Q&A. 
  • At the end you will get an actionable roadmap.

Teams Best Practices

List of best practices you can start using immediately. (PDF)

Event Video Recording

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Work Management Guide

Learn how to manage your tasks and team tasks (PDF)

Event Presentation by Dr Nitin

Presentation slides used during the event (PDF)

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