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Adding only comments in Word

What if you want people to add comments but NOT edit the document itself? That is what I call Adding only comments in Word. This is possible! With just few clicks. Get amazed by the level of sophistication available in Word. Watch this video ( 8 min).

Don’t have time? I have also published a shorter version of the video (2:30 min)

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Word Styles : Knowledge Pack

Here is a list of articles, in recommended reading order
for using Word Styles efficiently.

Word Styles

  1. Top 3 Efficiency Habits: Use Word Styles, Excel Tables and PowerPoint SmartArt
    Most efficient features you should know – one each for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  2. Be stylish – Use Word Styles
    Details about how and why you should use Word Styles
  3. How to select things in Word
    See how using Styles simplifies selection and rearranging of Word documents
  4. Writers: How to write a balanced article containing opposing views using Styles
    A special case of using Word styles
  5. Creating FAQ documents using Styles
    Use custom styles to simplify creating documents which contain questions and answers
  6. Best way to hide false spelling mistakes
    Innovative use of Word Styles to hide spelling mistakes which are special words – like names or technical jargon, which default dictionary does not understand.
  7. Did you know: Hyperlink within the same document
    How to cross-reference specific areas within the Word document using Styles and Bookmarks.
  8. How to format books for Kindle: Raj Chaudhuri – Guest Post
    Use Styles to create easy formatting for eBook publishing.
  9. Create a presentation in One Click with Send to PowerPoint
    Use styles in Word and automatically create a presentation in PowerPoint.

MS Word and SEO – better together

Sounds like there is no connection MS Word and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But there is. One of the parameters which is important while performing SEO is the ease of reading of the web content. Easier the better.

But how do you know if your text is easier to read or not? That is a feature MS Word has been providing for over 2 decades. And mind you, if you want your web pages to be more readable, why not treat our documents the same way? Think about it.

Many SEO tools have a built-in method for checking the ease of reading. I use the Yoast SEO tool. It uses the Flesch Reading Ease score. If the score is above 65, your content is easy to read. Max score is 100.

So what about MS Word and SEO?

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How to read only the highlighted portions in a document

Many of us highlight important portions of documents while reading in Word. The question is, next time you refer to the document, how to read the highlighted portions only?  Most people have not even attempted to find the answer to this question. They just scroll and scroll … defeating the purpose of highlighting!

The solution is simple. Press CTRL G and click the Find tab. Click More – open the Formatting dropdown. Choose Highlight.

Now the Find textbox shows that highlighted text will be searched. Click on Find. Now press Escape button to close the find dialog. Read the highlighted area. Now to find the next area just press CTRL PgDn button. Is this not easy and elegant?

Now, let us go one step further. What if you want to send only the highlighted content to someone? This is like selecting all the highlighted portions in one go. That is also easy. Instead of choosing the Find button, click the Find In – Main Document option. Now close the Find dialog. All the highlighted portions are now selected. Press CTRL C to copy and then paste it into another document. That’s it.

Word Templates and Building Blocks

Word provides two features for reusing the effort you have put in creating content. Word Templates are useful for creating an entire document from an existing one. Building blocks are useful for reusing parts of the document like common text, custom tables, headers, footers, textboxes, etc.

In this article we will see how to save a document as a template. It is very simple really – Choose File – Save As and select Word Template (.DOTX) option.

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Word: Simple to Magical

Word simple to magical

View this short video to see how Word can be used to modernize your  work and increase efficiency dramatically.  In just five minutes, you will learn how to:

  • Reuse existing contents
    • Templates
    • Quick Parts
    • Building  Blocks
  • Reduce Formatting efforts with styles
  • Benefits of using styles
    • Quick navigation
    • Reorder content by drag drop
    • Heading numbering
    • Instant Table of content,
    • Convert to PowerPoint in one click
  • What is wrong with storing files on My Documents
  • Introduction to OneDrive for Business
  • Edit documents together in real-time
  • Versioning on OneDrive
  • Compare version history
  • Online sharing and Present Online

To learn more, read these related articles.

For a more in-depth coverage, watch this 30 min Word Best Practices video.

Irritant: Excessive Text selection

I want to select a sentence. Sometimes, instead of the sentence, the entire paragraph is selected. Inside a table, contents of the entire cell are selected. I quickly undo and then try to select the text again, this time with a bit more caution, but alas, the problem still remains. It is inexplicable and frustrating. Here is what you do in such cases.

The Text Selection action replay

I want to select the second paragraph.
I am using Shift Right Arrow to select the text, one character at a time.

excessive selectionimage


Usually we get frustrated at this point. We give up the effort and start all over again … HOPING that it will work this time.  It never does!

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this selection nightmare.

The solution is … Press SHIFT  and LEFT ARROW once. That’s all.

Even if you use Shift CTRL RightArrow to select word by word, this problem can occur. The solution is exactly the same: Press Shift LeftArrow.

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References for the Word: Simple to Magical Video

This is a list of articles related to this video. The video is not published on this blog.

Thank you for watching the video. I showed a lot of stuff but did not have time to explain how exactly to do it. Here are all the details you will want to know – and more …

  1. How to use Styles : Be stylish – Use Word Styles
  2. Quick parts and Building Blocks:
    Building Blocks in Word – The ultimate reuse engine
    Quick Parts in Word: Stop copy pasting from old files!
  3. OneDrive introduction to in-depth: Knowledge Pack: OneDrive for Business
  4. Benefits of using styles:
    Convert Word document to PowerPoint: Create a presentation in One Click
    How to check coverage of a topic in a Word document
  5. Comparing Compare and Combine!
  6. Editing same document together:
    Multiple persons can edit the same document at the same time
  7. Knowledge Pack: Word Tables
  8. Knowledge Pack: Word Tables
  9. Knowledge Pack: Track Changes in Word

Learn, Apply, Share, Grow.

What did I learn today: Repeat Header Rows across columns

Read this article first: Frustration = Feature Guarantee! (Table Row breaking across pages). Here we saw how to ask Word to manage repeating the header automatically across pages.

What I learnt today is that the Repeat Header Rows feature works across columns as well. This is very useful when we have a narrow table shown in multiple columns on the same page.

repeat header rows across columns