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How to select all shapes in SmartArt

This sounds simple… just click inside the diagram and press CTRL A. But it is not. I want to select all shapes in SmartArt – not the connectors. Let me explain.

What exactly is – select all shapes in SmartArt ?

Here is a sample org chart SmartArt with all shapes selected. I want to change formatting of only the people boxes, not the connectors.

Select all shapes in SmartArt

I want to change formatting of only the people boxes, not the connectors.  That will require too many attempts at Ctrl Clicks to exclude the unwanted connectors.

Fortunately, and as always, there is a better way. Open the SmartArt editor by clicking the arrow on the left side. Older versions of PowerPoint show two arrows in that position.

Click inside the editor and then press CTRL A (Select All). Now only the key shapes are selected. Connectors are automatically excluded.

Select all shapes in SmartArt but not the connectors

That’s it. This works in all types of diagrams which have connectors of some kind. Few diagrams have no connectors at all. In these cases you do not need to select all in the editor.

PowerPoint Morph Transition/Animation Tutorial

Amazing presentation with few clicks using PowerPoint Morph

PowerPoint Morph is a revolutionary feature.   It eliminates the need for complex animation.  Technically speaking, PowerPoint Morph is a transition, but in reality it can be widely used a subtitute/enhancement for complex animation.  At the time of publishing this post, only Office Insiders have access to this feature. But no harm in learning the concept anyway. It will be released soon for all Office 365 customers.

Watch this 12 minute video to know all about it.

Here is an example of how PowerPoint Morph can be used.

Example of PowerPoint Morph in action
PowerPoint Morph Example

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How to make a plane fly with PowerPoint Morph

I posted this blog article about flying a plane using PowerPoint few days back.
Just realized that all the effort I put in to animate that thing is not necessary!
The new Morph feature makes it possible with few clicks.

This feature is a part of Office Insider program. It is like the beta version of next update to Office.

Even if you may not have this feature right now, it is worth seeing how much Microsoft is trying to make our lives easier. It is just a video this time. No detailed steps (because most customers do not have it yet).

Morph Tutorial Update

I have posted another blog on Powerpoint Morph Tutorial.  Do read through and let me know your feedbacks.  Thanks.