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Search for photos with matching color

PowerPoint has theme colors. Each design (template) has a different set of colors. You want to find particular photos / images which match the theme colors. Sounds like a difficult task? Not at all. Use Insert – Online Pictures – Pexels. Install the software and search.  Type the keyword and click on the color you want. Try it out now. For details read this article.  Here, I searched for orange colored cars. 

image  image

That’s it. Simple and effective.

PowerPoint Illustration Best Practices

Please read the PowerPoint Clipart / Online Picture articles before reading this one – Part 1 and Part 2.  PowerPoint Illustration Best Practices covers how to find relevant images and how to use them efficiently.

The first thing to notice and understand is that images searchable on the web are NOT free for all to use randomly. Let us address this issue at the outset.

PowerPoint Illustration Best Practices - one picture is better than 1000 words

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How to select all shapes in SmartArt

This sounds simple… just click inside the diagram and press CTRL A. But it is not. I want to select all shapes in SmartArt – not the connectors. Let me explain.

What exactly is – select all shapes in SmartArt ?

Here is a sample org chart SmartArt with all shapes selected. I want to change formatting of only the people boxes, not the connectors.

Select all shapes in SmartArt

I want to change formatting of only the people boxes, not the connectors.  That will require too many attempts at Ctrl Clicks to exclude the unwanted connectors.

Fortunately, and as always, there is a better way. Open the SmartArt editor by clicking the arrow on the left side. Older versions of PowerPoint show two arrows in that position.

Click inside the editor and then press CTRL A (Select All). Now only the key shapes are selected. Connectors are automatically excluded.

Select all shapes in SmartArt but not the connectors

That’s it. This works in all types of diagrams which have connectors of some kind. Few diagrams have no connectors at all. In these cases you do not need to select all in the editor.