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You can help reduce spam

While working with Outlook Web Access (now called Outlook for Web), I noticed a nice little feature which I felt would be useful to fight the junk mail menace and reduce spam.

While handling my mail using OWA, I marked a particular mail as Junk. This messaged popped up. This way, the contents of message will reach Microsoft immediately. That will help them block similar types of mails at server level itself in future. Try it out and help fight spam.


I could not find a similar feature in Outlook full version. I am assuming that the data must be going to Microsoft if you have participated in the Customer Improvement Program. 

Legal: How to manage 6 min billing in Outlook Calendar

Here is something I learnt yesterday at Wellington. I was conducting a session on Outlook for a team of EA and PAs for Government of NZ. I showed them the Outlook calendar can be managed at different levels of detail starting from 1 hour down to 5 minutes. Just right click on the time display in the daily or weekly view to change the setting.

6 minutes time slot in Outlook calendar

You will notice that there is a 6 minute option available there. Like most of us, I had never understood why would anyone want a 6 minute time slot. But then one of the participants enlightened me! Legal professionals always manage billing in 6 minute increments so that they can have 10 convenient slots per hour. I learnt something new.

This happens all the time. The more you teach, more you will learn!

If you think that a particular feature is useless – think again. This incident teaches you that every feature is designed with a purpose in mind. Discovering that purpose is called learning.

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How to open Outlook

Yes. You read it right. Don’t just open Outlook. Do it smartly. Usually, we need three windows open: Tasks, Calendar and Inbox. By default, it will open the Inbox. No worries. Just right click on the Calendar and Tasks icons and choose Open in New Window.

Now onwards, we can chose the desired window easily. The best part is, even if you close and re-open Outlook, it will automatically open those three windows. Simple and Effective. Try it!

Open Outlook Inbox Calendar and Tasks Windows

If you have too many windows open with mails, appointments and tasks and you want to close all of them, choose View tab – Close All Items. All windows, except the core ones (in this case, Inbox, Calendar and Tasks) will close in one quick action.

Close All Items option in Outlook