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How to learn keyboard shortcuts

Most of us want to learn keyboard shortcuts. But the problem is that there are too many of them.  For example, if you list down all the shortcuts in Word, it creates a 9 page document with 251 shortcuts!

Obviously, that is not the right way. Read this 3 min article to understand how to find out the shortcuts you need and how to learn them in a simple manner without stressing yourself.


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Picture Blog: Insert Attachment

insert attachment shortcut

Yes. This LONG “short”cut actually works. Try it. In fact, just press Alt and choose the highlighted buttons in the Ribbon. All of them work. Just press and release Alt and then press buttons one by one. DON’T try some Yoga poses with your fingers Smile

With Outlook 2016, This shortcut is now Alt N AF B. This is required because it offers to attach files from local PC as well as web locations (OneDrive). It also shows recently inserted attachments.

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Slide Master in one click

slide master view in one click - Dr. Nitin Paranjape

Shift click the Slide View (Normal button) and you can jump to the slide master for the current slide. Very useful. To come back to the slide, just click on the same icon. Very useful. First Shift click goes to the current slide –  layout master. ANOTHER Shift Click takes to to the overall slide master (theme slide master). Very nice. I discovered this just now! Shift Ctrl click on it gives you only the slide. Notes and thumbnails are removed. Shift ALT click gives slide layout master without thumbnails. Another Shift ALT click gives the overall slide master without thumbnails… I am sure there is more but I am mentally saturated now Disappointed smile