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Enhance data after import using Power BI

We have already learnt how to import and clean data from various sources using Power Query (Transform). Once the data is inside Power BI Data tab (or Excel Data Model of Power Pivot), we can refine and enrich it further using various features like synonyms, custom sorting order, formatting, summarization and more. Watch the video for details – English as well as हिंदी versions are available.

English version of data shaping in Power BI
हिंदी version

10 rules for Clean data

We spend lot of time in data cleaning. But there is no simple definition of exactly what clean data means. Therefore, I created a simple 10 item checklist. If all 10 items are correct, data is clean. Simple and easy to use.

10 rules for Clean data

Remember, here we are talking about input data – not output (reports).

  1. Each column must have a heading
  2. No blank headings
  3. No duplicate headings
  4. No formulas in headings
  5. No merged cells
  6. Each column must have ONE meaning
  7. Each column must have ONE type of data
  8. No subtotals or grand totals
  9. Formatting should not be used instead of data
  10. Data must grow vertically, not horizontally
Watch this video to learn more.
This is the Hindi version.

Convert clean data to a Table

If you are using Excel, as soon as data is cleaned, convert it into a Table. Why? Here are the benefits of using Excel Tables – 13 articles.