PowerView button missing?

PowerView button missing in Excel 2016 – Insert tab? It it visible in 2013. Here is how you add it.

PowerView button missing - how to add

Why is PowerView important?

It is a part of the new and revolutionary Power BI toolkit. It allows you to create visually appealing and interactive dashboards with all kinds of charts and even maps. Ideally, all existing reports should be replaced with these dashboards for faster decision making and unearthing more insights about your data. Microsoft decided to remove this button in Office 2016 (why? read below).

Solution: PowerView button missing

This process looks lengthy at first. However, this same process can be used to customize the entire ribbon in every Office product.  Therefore it is worth learning it.

  1. Right click on the Insert tab and choose Customize Ribbon
  2. You will see a complicated looking dialog showing two lists.
  3. The list on the right side will have the Insert option highlighted.
  4. Choose New Group at the bottom of the list
  5. Now focus on the list on the left side. This currently shows Popular commands
  6. Open that dropdown and choose All Commands
  7. Click in the list below.
  8. Now just type P
  9. You will find the first command starting with P
  10. Scroll down till you find the PowerView command
  11. Make sure that on the right side, Group 1 is highlighted
  12. Click the Add button
  13. Click Ok to close the Customize Ribbon dialog
  14. Now check the Insert tab (menu) in Excel
  15. You should see the PowerView button

What to do with PowerView

You can create unbelievably powerful dashboards using PowerView. It uses the data model to combine data from multiple sources, create relationships and handle millions of rows. For further details you can refer to these articles  about PowerView and Power BI

Why did was PowerView button hidden in Office 2016?

PowerView uses a technology called Silverlight for the dashboard creation and interactivity. Unfortunately, Silverlight is being phased out. It will no longer be available and supported. That is the primary reason for hiding PowerView.

The second reason is that Microsoft now has a much better way of creating dashboards called Power BI Desktop and the associated Powerbi.com portal. This can be used for free by all corporate users.

If you do not have access to Power BI, for whatever reason, you can use PowerView to create dashboards. When you get Power BI desktop you can Import all the PowerView dashboards and data models. Therefore, your work on PowerView will not be wasted.

When you save the file on OneDrive or SharePoint, the PowerView dashboard works on browser with full interactivity. The only limitation is that this will work on Internet Explorer.

When you move to Power BI, the same dashboards will work on any browsers. Power BI portal uses HTML 5. This is another reason to move from PowerView to Power BI.

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