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We want Skype for Business (SFB) to work exactly like WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. It should be available all the time and notify when someone wants to chat with me. The chats should continue. SFB on mobile keeps logging of periodically. Which makes it painful to wait every time you want to resume chat. The solution to keep SFB mobile always on is simple.

SFB Mobile always on : Change setting

Go to Settings and choose Keep running in background. That’s it.

SFB settings page   SFB mobile always on setting

Monitor this for a few days and check its impact on battery life. This is not necessarily a set and forget type of option. You may want it ON when you have good battery power and you are expecting lots of chats / meetings to happen.

If you have unreliable connection, low battery power, and are not expecting a busy day, turn off the setting.

While we are at it, here are some additional options you should think about.

More Useful Settings

Settings page has many other options which are practically useful. Now that you have gone to the page, might as well learn about these options as well.

Mobile number for  call back

Very useful if your internet connectivity is slow. You can request a call back on your local mobile number. I find it invaluable when I travel to other countries and have a local sim card.

Options for low / costly bandwidth scenarios

Require Wi-Fi for VOIP or Video calls or App sharing should be activated to save on bandwidth usage. Another setting is to disable logging.

Unreliable network

If you keep getting disconnected from meetings, enable the Automatically rejoin meetings option. Works especially if you are traveling, driving or multi-tasking.

Status Bar Icon

When Skype is Always On, it is a good idea to keep the status bar icon ON. This shows that SFB is ON without having to go to the app itself. A reassuring visual feedback.

Want to be even more efficient while using SFB?

Read the SFB Live Book (a list of articles written by me about SFB)
When I post more articles about SFB, this Live Book will be updated.

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