Excel IF function – Dos and Don’ts

imageSo far, I have not written an article about the humble IF function. But in the last few months I came across many customers who asked me to explain how the IF function works. Surprised? The reason is that many people use the Excel IF function, but they do not understand its nuances.

Usually someone has created a file and is handed over from person to person. Worse still, those who know how to use the IF function misuse it! So here it is a simple, short and practical description of how to use the IF function.

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Presenting Content using SFB

Here is a quick experiment. During a meeting, there are many ways of Presenting Content using SFB (Skype for Business). Most of us do not notice all the options. Those who do attempt to decipher the options may get confused.

In order to solve this problem, I am creating a visual content which shows when to use which feature. It is a reverse approach to education. Show the business need first and then point to the relevant option. I am creating this as an EduGraphic (Infographic for education).

Download Presenting Content using SFB EduGrahic

Download it, print it and share it.
Did you like this approach? Will it simplify learning and promote effective usage?
Do let me know the feedback.

Presenting Content using SFB

Skype for Business: SFB Use Cases

Skype for Business is the instant communication app bundled with Office 365. Most of the SFB Use Cases are about immediate or urgent work (although there are some exceptions). In this article, I am just going to enlist all the use cases I could think of. I will update this article as I learn and observe more use cases. I will also write detailed articles about specific use cases soon.

Skype for Business Use cases by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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