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Using Mouse with Office Ebook

The Amazing Mouse eBook

Learn 300+ powerful ways to use the mouse efficiently with
MS Office. Save at least 10 minutes & reduce the risk of arthritis!

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Why a book on how to use the Mouse?

In spite of the mass usage of mouse, there is still no book or comprehensive guide on how to maximize the productivity of mouse usage.  Just google with the keyword “mouse ebook” or “computer mouse book” and you will find that most search results are related to children’s books or mouse behavorial testings.  The very small number of resources on computer mouse are actually for first time mouse users.  It makes the Amazing Mouse the first ever mouse ebook for the one billion everyday mouse users !

Do we REALLY need to learn how to use the Mouse AGAIN?

The short answer is Yes.  Of course, we’ve been using the computer mouse for decades.  But many of us still don’t know how to use it efficiently.  As a result, what should take one click would end up taking 4-5 clicks, or what can be done in a few seconds would become an excessive drag-drop/scrolling exercise taking several minutes.  What’s more, these actions require awkward hand movements which may cause RSI – Repetitive Stress Injury.

Therefore, knowing how to use the mouse efficiently will not just save  you time and boost productivity, it will also reduce the risk of arthritis  because it will make your mouse usage more natural and less stressful to your wrists.

We breathe everyday. But you have to learn Yoga to know how to breathe efficiently.  Same goes for mouse usage!

What will you get:

  • 16 chapters explaining the core concepts behind common mouse actions.
  • 300+ tips on how to use the computer mouse in the MOST efficient manner.
  • Up to 3 downloads – so you can share this knowledge with your colleagues, friends and family.

Promo Video: Learn 5 things in 2.5 minutes

Buy this Mouse eBook for USD 9.95

Introductory Offer

Buy NOW and get 50% off till July 31st, 2016

Discount Code:  JULYPROMO

Discount Code:

Mouse eBook - Money back guarantee


My journey as an author

I have been conducting Office Efficiency trainings for the past 12 years.  The majority had been face-to-face sessions.  I am a stage person and I enjoy conducting sessions across different countries. However, during my 12 years of training, I was able to reach only 260,000 people.  I realized that I must provide the benefits of what I have learnt to a larger audience. This is why I started experimenting with different online mediums since 2013 – starting with a blog, a Youtube channel, then a book.

The Amazing Mouse is my second ebook.  The first ebook – Ribbon hater’s Handbook was published on Amazon Kindle bookstore in 2013.  This time, I’m trying a different approach to self-publishing – using  Digital Delivery by E-junkie and payment gateway by PayPal.  I  like the simplicity and flexibility that both these services offer.

What’s next?

My next project will be a Power BI course hosted on Udemy.  It is a course designed for end-users – no macro, no programming, no DAX or VBA knowledge required.  I’m hoping to launch it by August this year.  Stay tuned!

Want a FREE copy of the book?

There is one mistake in the promo video.  Do you know what it is? Post your findings in the comment section below and the first person who can correctly identify the mistake will get the Amazing Mouse e-book for FREE.  

Update (13 July 2016): The discount code problem has been fixed.  Please use the new discount code: JULYPROMO to get 50% off.  Thank you for your patience.

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