How to create Custom Data Labels in Excel Charts

I received a query from a customer about dynamic data labels for charts. Instead of replying directly, I thought of writing this article. This will help all of you in refining your charts. The idea is to create a chart which explains the fluctuations using text based explanations. The best part is, the explanation can be a part of the data itself.
Watch the two minute video and read details below. This works with Excel 2013 onwards. I have also included the solution for older versions, which is not as elegant, but it works.

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Where is your data stored in Power BI portal

This is a common concern amongst customers. Many countries have a requirement that their data should be physically stored within a data center located in their country. Here is a simple way to find out where exactly your data is stored in Power BI.

The steps

Login to Power BI Portal and click on the Help (Question Mark) button. Choose About Power BI option.

About Power BI

Where is Power BI data stored?

Now it shows a dialog which displays the actual country in which your data is stored. Of course, if you want to change that location, you will need to talk to your Microsoft account manager or partner.

Power BI portal

Power BI Desktop course – Need your inputs

Power BI is powerful, as the name suggests. But it is also confusing. Exactly what what does Power BI mean? There is no simple, single line answer. Let me try. It is a set of new tools to analyze old data in new ways. Today the simplest way to get started it to sign up for a free Power BI subscription and use Power BI Desktop tool to create your reports and dashboards. I have already written an introductory article and published a walkthrough video.

Power BI Desktop course on Udemy

I feel this is one tool which can transform the way we work on data and analyze it. The primary reason is that it is independent of Excel. So all the bad habits which we have developed in Excel over decades simply disappear! I am planning to create a course on Udemy for Power BI Desktop. I would like your inputs on the content and any additional ideas or wish list. Read on to have a look and post your comments. You can also send a mail to me on

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