Quality Management 5: Pareto Chart

Pareto chart is used to analyze important factors and prioritize action items. It is a combination of bar and line chart. Bar chart shows the data in descending order of importance and line chart shows cumulative percentage. It is popularly known as the 80:20 rule. We will see three ways of creating this chart using Excel.

Pareto chart Quality Management

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Quality Management 4: Histogram (any version of Excel)

Histogram is used to visualize the frequency with which data occurs. This is a good way of understanding data more than just sum and average. It is a good idea to look at each data set you get as a histogram. Here is how you do it in Excel.

Quality Management: Histogram in Excel

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Happy Dussehra (and PowerPoint tutorial)

Today is an Indian festival called Dussehra which marks the beginning of harvesting season. It is customary to exchange leaves of the Piliostigma racemosum tree as a symbol of gold – wishing each other a prosperous new year.

Well, I cannot exchange leaves with all of you – but let me use this blog to wish all of you a great year ahead.

I created this graphic using the “gold” leaf image. Download this PPT file to understand how it was created using PowerPoint. Refer to the slide notes for details.


Quality Management 3: Create Run Charts in Excel

Run charts are simple line charts drawn against time. The idea is to visualize the pattern and trend of captured data. The data could be about defects, issues, observations or variability. Let us see how to manage this using Excel.

Create run charts in Excel

Photo credit: tudedude / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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How to succeed in office politics using Office

Here is the recording of my session in Pune DevCon – a gathering of developers in Pune, India. Please pardon me for using Hindi language intermittently. I needed to use local language for maximum impact.

Thanks to Mahesh Mitkari, Mayur Tendulkar, Vikram Pendse and team for arranging a great event. Enjoy!

This is a live recording. Please pardon the background noise and poor video quality.