Memoirs of a Geisha – Movie review using PowerPoint Photo Album

Well, where did this come from? I watch a lot of movies on the laptop. VLC player has a snapshot option. I capture memorable shots while watching the movie.

Just watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Amazing movie. I was wondering what to do with these images. And then I thought of using them to create a super fast movie summary based upon still images. Have a look…

Steps to create this video

  1.  Capture pictures from movie using some screen capture software.
  2. Insert all pictures as a Photo Album in PowerPoint.
  3. Set default slide advance time to 0.1 second for all slides.
  4. For key slides set it to 0.8 second.
  5. Save the presentation.
  6. Export as Video. Enjoy. (Hope I am not violating any copyrights).

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