Have you noticed the NEW Charting Icons

Once a chart is drawn,  three buttons appear near its top right end. Have you noticed these charting icons? These offer very easy access to many powerful features which otherwise require you to use the ribbon.

charting icons

If these are grayed out, it means you have opened an older file. Save the file in new format and reopen it to get all these features.


image  Add chart elements

This allows quick addition or removal of …


Further options are also available through sub-menus…

image Change Chart Styles

This allows you to change the look and feel of the chart very quickly. Just hover the mouse cursor over available styles and choose the desired one. Multiple styles and different color combinations are available. DO NOT miss the Color tab.

change chart titles   image

image Filter

This one is really convenient and powerful. This was not possible so easily using existing menus. It allows you to filter individual data elements easily. You must try it out – you will love it.

image    image

If this is a Pivot Chart, filtering button is not available. (This is because, filtering buttons are available in the chart itself in case of Pivot Chart).

Chart Menus – The concept

2013 version Chart menus - the concept with Dr. Nitin Paranjape

Older   image

There are so many elements in a chart which can be changed in so many different ways. The question is, which menu (tab) to choose for what purpose? You may not have thought about it before, now is a good time to understand this.

Anything which talks about the WHOLE chart is there in Design tab.

Anything which changes one of the elements of the chart is in the Layout tab. Axis, labels, series, etc. In the new version, all options under Layout were added to the Design tab.

Finally, everything in a chart is just a shape. So if you want to customize anything like a shape – background color, border, shadow, font, etc. then use the Format tab.