Add color to your life: Outlook Color Categories

The need

Outlook is a crowded and confusing place. There are mails, meetings, tasks, contacts … in large numbers. We tend to get lost in this deluge of information.  Incoming mails and appointment requests rule your life – Others are managing your time – not you Sad smile

Using color to categorize things visually can simplify this situation and put you back in control of your time and life.

Outlook Color categories

Inbox and tasks show categories by default (Outlook 2010 onwards) as a column.

Calendar also shows color categories.


25 colours available


Outlook does not know how you want to use the colors available.


Outlook Color Categories

You can and you SHOULD customize it…


Now you can use the colors in Inbox, Tasks and …


Calendar as well..

At a glance you can see how your time is being divided.

Outlook Color Categories

Try it NOW.

Tech Stuff

In case you goof up and create wrong categories, you can reset all to default by using a command line switch

…outlook.exe /cleancategories

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