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YOUTUBE chapter creation tool

Guest post by Raj Chaudhuri

Recently, YouTube added a feature to add live, interactive chapters to videos. Implementing it is easy. Just add a table of contents to the description.

Many videos already have a TOC. The only extra thing required is to add the first entry as 00:00. See details below.

Now, if you already have many videos, what to do? Find videos which already have a TOC. Go to the first line of TOC and add the Intro – 00:00 line. That’s it. That is exactly what the YouTube Chapter Creation Tool does automatically for you.

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YouTube Video Quick Review

This is so simple, wish I knew it earlier. Start a Video. Applies to long videos.
What you is YouTube Video Quick Review.  There are no bookmarks in the Video itself nor is there a TOC in the description. What do you do?

Just type any number from 1 to 9. It is like saying go to 10% of the video timeline, 20% and so on till 90%. It does NOT work with keypad numbers. Only the number keys on top of the characters.

YouTube Video Quick Review - press 1

YouTube Video Quick Review - Press 5 to reach midpoint

If you are midway somewhere, how do you restart the video? Press 0


Change YouTube Video Speed, learn better

I publish lot of videos on YouTube. My speed of speaking may not match your speed of learning or imbibing the content. Often you may not understand my accent properly. The solution is to change the YouTube Video Speed – decrease it or increase it.

Click on the gear icon (also called sprocket icon) and choose Speed. Increase it if you feel I am going very slow. Decrease it if you find my narration too fast for you to grasp.

 YouTube Video Speed - Menu

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