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Power BI Desktop course – Need your inputs

Power BI is powerful, as the name suggests. But it is also confusing. Exactly what what does Power BI mean? There is no simple, single line answer. Let me try. It is a set of new tools to analyze old data in new ways. Today the simplest way to get started it to sign up for a free Power BI subscription and use Power BI Desktop tool to create your reports and dashboards. I have already written an introductory article and published a walkthrough video.

Power BI Desktop course on Udemy

I feel this is one tool which can transform the way we work on data and analyze it. The primary reason is that it is independent of Excel. So all the bad habits which we have developed in Excel over decades simply disappear! I am planning to create a course on Udemy for Power BI Desktop. I would like your inputs on the content and any additional ideas or wish list. Read on to have a look and post your comments. You can also send a mail to me on nitin@maxoffice.biz

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Quality Management 4: Histogram (any version of Excel)

Histogram is used to visualize the frequency with which data occurs. This is a good way of understanding data more than just sum and average. It is a good idea to look at each data set you get as a histogram. Here is how you do it in Excel.

Quality Management: Histogram in Excel

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HR, Sales, Marketers: Enhance your credentials with Power View

Yes. That is right. If you have worked with lots of customers, providing a list of customers consumes lot of space and nobody reads it anyway! Why not show the customers you have worked with in a region or globally by plotting them on a map? Here is how you do it in Power View.  It takes just 2 minutes  if you have the data ready.

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Which type of chart to use when? No worries. Excel will help you!

Lot has been written about it. With Excel 2013, Microsoft did the smartest thing. They added a chart type called Recommended Chart. Now Excel is smart enough to look at what data you have selected and choose the most appropriate chart types for you.

recommended chart

It shows the preview of those charts using YOUR data.

Final decision, of course, is yours. So you choose the one which depicts the information in the most relevant way. Also notice a feature called Recommended Pivot Tables.


The most important thing is to STOP using the habitually familiar chart and explore what recommendations are given by Excel. It is not about making the chart which someone is asking for.

It is about finding out every piece of useful information from available data and to use it to your advantage. By the way, that THOUGHT PROCESS is called Business Intelligence!

It is also a part of Quick Analysis feature (which we will cover in the next article).

How to use pictures in Excel reports (Power View)

Pictures in Excel reports:

This is available only with Excel 2013 Professional Edition and Office 365 Edition. Try it out right now. Enhance your reports. Make them more visual and easier to interpret. Use logos, product shots, country flags, features, people, locations, buildings, spare parts, posters, icons, anything visual.

High impact data presentations using Power Map Tour

Till now we have seen various aspects of plotting geographical information.
How do you present this information to others? Often we want to show our plans in a step by step manner – going from one location / region to another.
This can be done using Power Map Tour.

Power Map Tour by Dr. Nitin Paranjape
Let us explore how this can be done.

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