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Beautiful handwritten notes using OneNote

If you have Surface and the Pen (or similar laptop with pen/stylus), you can create beautiful handwritten notes using OneNote.

What exactly are beautiful handwritten notes using OneNote?

Well, you need to see the notes to believe it.
Of course, it will not improve your handwriting!
But whatever strokes you use, will look more natural and realistic. Have a look.

beautiful handwritten notes using OneNote

To enable this feature, activate the check box Use Pen Pressure Sensitivity in OneNote. In fact, it is ACTIVE by default on devices which support a pen. That means, you will benefit from it anyway.

The real question is, when do you need to deactivate this feature?
Well, I have found one scenario – when you are drawing diagrams and not using handwriting. If you draw diagrams, you want all lines to look similar. The line width should not change based upon pen pressure. See the difference.

Drawing using a pen in OneNote

For intricate art, pen pressure is really useful.

Drawing using pen in OneNote - with pressure sensitivity active

You can, and should change this option based upon your needs.

What did I learn today: Audio Clipart Preview and Function Key Lock

Many customers and participants ask me this question… Where did I learn all the technology when I am just a gynecologist by qualification… The answer is simple. I learnt things by exploring, trial and error, reading books, diving deeper. And that journey continues.

I keep learning new things every day. So I though of sharing what I learnt with all of you. Here is the first one in the series…

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