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Immediate Action Required: Apply Internet Explorer security issue patch

Using Internet Explorer was very risky for the last few days due to the recently discovered bug.

Unless you solve this problem, please do not use Internet Explorer.

To solve the problem, Apply Internet Explorer security issue patch.

Just go to Windows Update in Control Panel and Check for updates – apply all critical (recommended) updates NOW.

For details see this article http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/05/01/internet_explorer_patch/

This patch is available for Windows XP as well.


Windows Update settings

Go to Control Panel – Windows Update and make sure it is set to automatic checking and installing updates.

You may temporarily want to disable this setting when you are in very low bandwidth places. But remember to put it to automatic whenever you are back to home or office.

Are you applying updates to Windows and Office?

I have never talked about patching and updates on this blog before. But I though I must address this because it is a very important security lacuna which must be plugged.

Follow the instructions in this article to ensure your PC / Laptop is being updated with the latest security patches. In the context of security, you don’t trust anyone – including yourself! You have to assume that everything will go wrong and then protect against those risks proactively. No choice.

This article is written for non-technical users.
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Action: Change your passwords NOW

Just think of all the critical passwords and change them now. It takes 15 minutes to do so. But it is absolutely worth it. All of us are very lazy about protecting our passwords and hackers are extremely talented and smart.
The combination is a guaranteed disaster.

50% of IT security breaches happen in-house. Remember that!

Security is not convenient. It is a bitter pill we have to swallow so that we can PREVENT the disease!

Remember… Safety = Efficiency Smile

change all your passwords now by Dr. Nitin Paranjape Read more and safeguard yourself.

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Legal: You can be cheated using Track Changes

you can be cheated using track changes

No. I am NOT talking about removing the track changes metadata here. That is easily done using Inspect Document. The problem is that Track Changes can be misused to cheat you. It is extremely easy to cheat and difficult to detect it. Read on to find out the solution.

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