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Skype for Business: SFB Use Cases

Skype for Business is the instant communication app bundled with Office 365. Most of the SFB Use Cases are about immediate or urgent work (although there are some exceptions). In this article, I am just going to enlist all the use cases I could think of. I will update this article as I learn and observe more use cases. I will also write detailed articles about specific use cases soon.

Skype for Business Use cases by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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Skype chat within Outlook for Web

Outlook web access has been around for many years. Now you can use Skype chat within Outlook – on any browser… another nice integration feature for Office 365. Of course, we are talking about Skype for Business (SFB) here.

The practical benefit is, if you find that someone is online and you need quick response, chat with that person rather than sending an email. That is called “Instant Messaging”.

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