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APPendectomy reduces APPetite

APPendectomy reduces APPetite - ScoringApps are great. But we are not great at using them. Useful ones do not get enough attention and useless ones we get addicted to.

We waste our precious life in using apps which are reducing the value of your life. APPendectomy reduces APPetite is a nice way of saying that if you reduce excessive dependence on apps, your life will improve.

If you have noticed the problem and feel that you need a solution, try this approach. These are random ideas.  But I have used these at various points of time.

One or more of these ideas may be useful to you. No harm in trying these out.

Let me know your feedback.


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Live Polling while presenting in PowerPoint

Often we need to poll the audience during a presentation, lecture or workshop. Usually we manage by asking the audience to raise hands. It is at best approximate. A more accurate method which works in an ad-hoc setting was always elusive. Now, with everyone having a smartphone and internet connection, there is a PowerPoint App which makes polling extremely easy. Read on to find out how you can use it. (5 min)

Live Polling in PowerPoint with Poll Anywhere

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