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Understand PowerPoint animation concepts in 10 minutes

understand PowerPoint animation concepts in 10 minutes

Earlier I wrote a post on showing images professionally. I received some feedback that many of the readers are not well versed with the way animation works in PowerPoint. Hence this article. In 10 minutes you will learn the concepts which have eluded you for 2 decades. Read this even if you use animation routinely in your presentations. It is common to know use something without knowing the concept behind it.

We breath every day. But you have to learn Yoga to know how to breath efficiently Smile

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How to show images professionally in PowerPoint

I was discussing new topics for the blog with my friend Dr. Amit Ellur. He wanted to know how to show images professionally in PowerPoint. Knowing features and using them appropriately is a good start. But the output still does not look professional.

Typically professional help is sought for critical, high stakes presentations and marketing collaterals. But it is impractical to get professional help for day to day work.

In this article, I will explain how to get professional output without spending too much time and money – and of course – without paying for professional design services. I will also illustrate this methodology with a PowerPoint example.

how to show images professionally in PowerPoint

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How to show Bottom Up approach in PowerPoint


Suppose you are talking about global warming – and want to show that action can be taken at various levels – starting from the lowest level – each individual.

Here are the bullets you have added…


You want to talk about each item one by one. Therefore you added animation.

Select the text box – Animation – Add Animation – Appear.

Now when you run the slide, each click will expose one bullet at a time. This is good because you get time to explain each level. Therefore the audience cannot read ahead of what you are speaking.

There is only one problem. You want to show the approach BOTTOM UP… but the animation is going TOP DOWN Sad smile

Solution : Animation Pane (it eliminates the pain!)

Click on Animation tab – Animation pane. A window (pane) appears on the right side.


Currently it shows only one entry but actually it has many entries which are collapsed to reduce clutter. The double down arrow can be expanded to show the animation for each bullet.


The animation is simple – each item is triggered by a mouse click. The problem is the order.


Can it be reordered? Of course… you can simply drag drop the animation sequence to reorder it. But wait… just because it works does not mean it is the best way.

In fact it is the worst way – why? Because repetition is inefficient!

Open the dropdown at the end of the animation entry and choose Effect Options…


Notice that there is a nice tab for text animation.

Imagine, Microsoft thought of your needs 20 years back and provided that “in reverse order” checkbox, which displays your bottom up approach very nicely.

Show bottom up approach in powerpoint

You had a problem all along – the solution was with you all along.

But you never found it Sad smile

Moral of the story?
All that you need is already there.
Just look for it!