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Have you tried Office 2016?

Yes it is a free preview right now (18 Aug 2015). Just install the new Office 2016 Trial from here. Here is the list of new features. If you have the appropriate version of Office 365 you will receive the upgrade automatically when the product is released.

Test it using a separate PC or a virtual machine. DO NOT install it on your regular work machine because it is still in testing stage.

I will cover the features in more detail. But here is a very interesting feature which some of you may like. You can do forecasting very quickly using the Forecast Sheet feature of Excel 2016.


Here is the raw data – a time series and the forecast generated from it.

image_thumb7 Office 2016

More coverage of new features coming soon…

(I had written another post about this trial, which I have deleted. That was because the side-by-side running of new version with older versions mentioned in that article requires lot of technical explanation, which is not worth the trouble at trial stage)

How to learn keyboard shortcuts

Most of us want to learn keyboard shortcuts. But the problem is that there are too many of them.  For example, if you list down all the shortcuts in Word, it creates a 9 page document with 251 shortcuts!

Obviously, that is not the right way. Read this 3 min article to understand how to find out the shortcuts you need and how to learn them in a simple manner without stressing yourself.


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The most important feature of Office 2013 – Integration with SharePoint

Why use Office 2013? Integration with Sharepoint

Many companies are still using older versions of Office. They often ask me why they should move to Office 2013. There are many new features in Office 2013. However, among the most important (and often overlooked) benefits is integration with Sharepoint. Therefore, this article is dedicated to features related to SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive usage.

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Generic Skills: Drop that dropdown!

This is the continuation of the article Basic vs. Advanced – the psychological deterrent to efficient Office usage! It is difficult to teach thousands of features to thousands of users. But there is a different approach available – Imparting Generic Skills rather than specific skills. Let us explore the completely ignored dropdown.

the powerful Dropdown menu in Office
Let us explore and find out more about it with an example.

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Microsoft Office Paradox – everyone uses but nobody cares

The title sounds negative. Please don’t get offended. Don’t take it personally.

This is based on what I have seen and experienced while coaching over 210,000 users globally over the last 11 years. Let me complete the sentence “everyone uses but nobody cares whether it is being used fully and appropriately across the organization

And of course, I am not just complaining. I will also provide a solution approach.

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