YouTube Video Quick Review

This is so simple, wish I knew it earlier. Start a Video. Applies to long videos.
What you is YouTube Video Quick Review.  There are no bookmarks in the Video itself nor is there a TOC in the description. What do you do?

Just type any number from 1 to 9. It is like saying go to 10% of the video timeline, 20% and so on till 90%. It does NOT work with keypad numbers. Only the number keys on top of the characters.

YouTube Video Quick Review - press 1

YouTube Video Quick Review - Press 5 to reach midpoint

If you are midway somewhere, how do you restart the video? Press 0


Change YouTube Video Speed, learn better

I publish lot of videos on YouTube. My speed of speaking may not match your speed of learning or imbibing the content. Often you may not understand my accent properly. The solution is to change the YouTube Video Speed – decrease it or increase it.

Click on the gear icon (also called sprocket icon) and choose Speed. Increase it if you feel I am going very slow. Decrease it if you find my narration too fast for you to grasp.

 YouTube Video Speed - Menu

But wait, there is a catch. Continue reading Change YouTube Video Speed, learn better

Right Click on mobile devices

There is no click – only touch. Therefore Right Click on mobile is not available. At least not in the way we are used to on Windows. Here are various equivalent methods.

How to Right Click on mobile devices

Right click was designed to expose more options available at the location where you clicked. This is necessary because all the useful and relevant commands cannot fit on the screen. There is no space available. Mobile devices have even more serious space constraint. Therefore, they have to find new ways to show additional features. Here are the most common ways available. Continue reading Right Click on mobile devices

Pitfalls: Office 365 Consumption measurement

Office 365 Consumption involves quantification of product specific usage.  Microsoft as well as customers monitor Office 365 Consumption and use it to estimate ROI as well as efficiency gains from Office 365.

Often, teams a pre-defined increase in utilization as a KRA which is linked to salary / bonus. This article shows the pitfalls of using the Active Users chart to measure Office 365 Consumption. This applies to O365 E3 or above.

Office 365 Consumption Chart

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