What is Office 365

This is a commonly asked question. There is a lot of confusion about exactly what it means. Here is a simple and practical description of What is Office 365 – primarily for non-technical users.

Business Need Product
Create Documents Office on PC or Mac – all features
Office on devices or browser – less features
Store my own documents OneDrive (one person’s documents)
Store team documents Site
Store documents for
time-bound projects
Discover files used by
you and your team
Manage cross-functional teamwork Groups
Manage team tasks Planner
Communicate urgently Skype for Business
Communicate slowly Outlook – Mail
Time Management Outlook Calendar
Personal Contacts Outlook Contacts
My own tasks and delegated tasks Outlook Tasks
Ask, inform, discuss, debate Yammer
Create and Share Interactive Reports Power BI
Create mobile apps without programming Power Apps
Simple process automation Flow
Create content without knowing graphic design concepts Sway
Create SCORM compliant learning content and Quizzes Office Mix (add-in to PowerPoint)
Prevent others from forwarding your mails Information Rights Management
Keep an audit trail of mails, chats and document activities as per regulations Compliance Center
Prevent employees from sending (leaking) confidential information to external parties DLP (Data Loss Protection)

Works with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Store important documents, contracts, agreements for period specified by government or regulators Records Management

There are many features / products which I have NOT included because this list is already very long. I don’t want to scare off people! This list is valid as on 31st May 2016.

Comments? Suggestions? Wish list?