How to hide cell contents in Excel

This is a short article. We know how to hide rows, columns and sheets. Did you know you can hide cell contents as well in Excel?

When we want to hide cell contents, the obvious thought is to change the font color to white. It works, for some time. But the moment you select the cell, it will show the value as the background color changes. So here is the right way.

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How to Really Remove Duplicate Rows in Excel

Watch this five minute video to understand what we “really” mean by Remove Duplicate Rows in Excel. The default option removes the duplicate rows automatically. Most of us want to “see” the duplication. That is what leads to the confusion. Not to worry. Learn the right method now.

Remove duplicates QRScan this code and watch the video on your mobile phone and try it out on your laptop.
Download the sample file if you want to try it out yourself.
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How to prevent unwarranted “Congrats” messages in LinkedIn

I noticed a spelling mistake in my LinkedIn profile and updated it. I was flooded with hundreds of Congrats messages. Has it happened to you? There is a simple way of preventing minor changes from being interpreted as a new role or position change.

The Solution

It is quite simple really. Before you edit your profile, go to your settings and change the Privacy settings.


Now choose the Profile settings and click on Choose whether or not to share your profile edits. Turn it Off by default. Now make minor changes. Nobody will be notified. Of course, remember to turn it ON, temporarily, when you genuinely have been promoted or rewarded or moved jobs. That’s it.


This dialog has an interesting footnote. If you do not want your employer to know about changes to your profile, turn this option off. I find that funny. Because, it will only stop the employer from getting notified about the changes. The HR team can still browse your profile and see it anyway.