Creating SCORM compliant content in PowerPoint using Office Mix

Many organizations have implemented various Learning Management Systems. Any content to be uploaded here needs to be SCORM compliant. PowerPoint and Mix now allow you to create such content easily. Here is how you do it.


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The Need

eLearning content needs to be SCORM compliant. SCORM means Shareable Content Object Model Reference. You DON’T need to know that as a user or content author if you are using PowerPoint along with Mix.

The content created using this method can be easily incorporated into any SCORM compatible Learning Management System (which practically includes all major LMS platforms).

How to create SCORM compliant content

Download and Install Mix add-in is install on PowerPoint.

  1. Create a presentation in PowerPoint to explain the topic
  2. Now use the Mix tab in the Ribbon to enhance the presentation


  3. Use Slide Recording for capturing narration, annotation and webcam video
  4. Insert Screen Recording, screenshots, videos or audio as required
    (DO NOT use Quiz slides. Quiz is not exported to SCORM. Quiz content must be uploaded to Office Mix web site for it to work)
  5. Save the presentation
  6. Preview the content and refine / correct it as required
  7. Save the presentation
  8. Finally, choose the Export to SCORM option


  9. Type the required information and choose the resolution. Try various resolution. Choose the resolution which gives clarity and downloads at good speed. Be careful with Full HD. It can be slow to download on low bandwidth connections.


  10. You should see the completion message when the package is ready. Long presentations with complex annotation and narrations or videos will take significant time to convert.


  11. Finally it will be saved as a ZIP file. The zip file will contain lots of cryptic files and folders. DO NOT worry. This package can now be imported into any SCORM compliant eLearning content management system.


LMS systems supported

Canvas, Engrade, Blackboard, Haiku, Moodle, Brightspace, EDUonGo and Schoology are supported. To setup Office Mix to work with supported LMS, read and follow instructions given here.


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