Knowledge Pack: OneDrive for Business

Here is a collection of all articles related to OneDrive. This page will be updated whenever I write more articles on this topic – OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive for Business - Knowledge Pack

Here is the collection of all articles I have written about OneDrive. In the desired order of reading. It covers introduction to the topic, usage scenarios, concerns and frequently asked questions. It also covers “worst practices” – things which you should NOT do!


  1. What exactly is OneDrive?
  2. Why is OneDrive called “ONE” drive?
  3. Have you noticed the new Sharing options for documents?
  4. Don’t save any documents to My Documents
  5. 4 methods of using OneDrive for Business effectively
  6. OneDrive for Business – how to know what others are doing to your documents?
  7. DO NOT create intranet with SharePoint at first
  8. How to create short link for download on OneDrive
  9. How to audit OneDrive for Business (ODB) activities
  10. Office 365 Worst Practices – Part 4 – “We have not deployed OneDrive yet!”

I will update this list when I write more articles about OneDrive. Refer to this page – it is like a live book.

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