What did I learn in NZ: List Separator in Excel

I love New Zealand – the natural beauty, professionalism, work ethic and fun. Heavenly!

Recently, while I was there, I learnt a great lesson about Excel. My Excel formulas stopped working. The reason was so simple but I was stupid enough not to discover it till I did some deep dive. Here is my learning …

Excel List Separator

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

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Knowledge Pack: Office 365 Worst Practices

While working with hundreds of customers globally, I see lot of mistakes being done. This leads to poor ROI and business value. Best Practices get all the limelight. But mistakes are never documented publicly. Hence I am writing this series – Office 365 Worst Practices

Some mistakes are strategic, some technical, some operational. The worst practices article list is growing! Here is a list of all articles I have written on this topic so far. Future articles will also be added to keep this knowledge pack current. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Office 365 Worst Practices - KP

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Outlook 2016: Insert Attachments – Recent Files

As you know, the new version of Office is almost ready. I will be covering the new features in future articles. Here is the first one. Simple but extremely useful capability.

While inserting attachments, older versions just allowed you to choose the files. But now, you can see recent files in the same drop-down. That saves you lot of trouble because it is highly likely that you will insert a recently edited file.

Insert Attachments - Recent files shown in Office 2016