Too many Track Changes? Here is the solution!

This requires Word 2013. Just choose Simple Markup from the dropdown for track Changes. The tracking is hidden. The document is shown as though all changes have been accepted. Wherever there are changes, those are shown with a red line in the margin. Click on the red line to view all tracked changes. Simple and Effective.

Simple Markup for track changes.

Simple Markup for Track Changes
Simple Markup for Track Changes

Office 365 Worst Practices – Part 4 – CXOs don’t understand its benefits


When I say CXO, the CIO is not included. CIOs do understand what Office 365 is.  But when it comes to educating the CXOs, there is a problem. Whatever they say, it sounds technical and confusing. In many cases the only thing CXOs understand clearly is that CAPEX is going to become OPEX and the deal is signed!

Office 365: Worst Practices

In this article, I don’t delve upon the problem too much. I will give you the solution. A simple and jargon-less description of what Office 365 can do to an organization – if used correctly.

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Finding Find!

Finding in Word

Quick and effective. Learn this and you will wonder why you did not know it earlier…

Finding in Word (2010 onwards)

Finding in Word (2010 onwards) Press Ctrl F. DO NOT type any text. Just click that lens. Look at all options and learn. Yes. That is all I am going to write. You just need a trigger and someone to point you in the right direction. You don’t need spoon feeding because you are smart enough to figure it out yourself.

Of course if you don’t understand anything, do post your questions. I will be happy to answer them.

Mega Quiz Winner and Correct Answers

Congratulations Mr. Pratyush Nayak for winning the quiz. Amazing performance – he got all the right answers in just 5 minutes and 3 seconds. What is even more commendable is that he got all answers right in the first attempt!
Mr. Pratyush please send me a mail at Office Mix does not reveal your contact details.
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